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Hair has come to represent the degree of health and self-care of a woman and many consider it highlights feminine beauty. Unfortunately, many women who suffer cancer lose it completely due to the treatments necessary to fight the disease.Besides being faced with a life-threatening disease, hair-loss has great emotional impact in the women affected.

Which is why every year Firenze supports those women, organizing its “Live beautiful, live strong, live Firenze” campaign, which includes several days of hair donation All the hair is collected with the objective of fashioning natural-hair wigs that are later donated to patients with the disease. All of the cutting and collecting of hair is done in alliance with internationally renowned stylists and previously certified beauty salons.

This campaign pretends to incite (mainly) women of all ages to donate their hair, emphasizing the idea that since they have beautiful and healthy hair, they can share their strength with people fighting the disease and thus help them to renew their hope. Nevertheless, men and children can also donate their hair and strength, if they wish to contribute with this noble cause. Are you up for it?

As part of this initiative, Firenze has also allied itself with schools and universities to raise awareness in a larger number of people and a greater impact in the benefited individuals.

Hair donation goes beyond the making of wigs. Firenze has also promoted alliances with organizations and people interested in donating their time to manufacture wigs, which are donated to people the people that need them most, in collaboration with the Fundación Gente Ayudando Gente (People Helping People Foundation). People who have contributed say they feel incredible by joining such a noble cause and confirm that a few inches less (of hair), are worth that one extra smile.